This is a listing of default events in Pyblish.


Event Arguments Description
published context Emitted upon finished publish, regardless of failure
validated context Emitted upon finished validation
pluginFailed plugin, context, instance, error Emitted once per failed plug-in.
pluginProcessed result Emitted once per processed plug-in.

Pyblish QML

Event Arguments Description
instanceToggled instance, new_value, old_value An Instance was toggled in the GUI
pluginToggled plugin, new_value, old_value A Plug-in was toggled in the GUI
pyblishQmlShown When the Pyblish QML window is shown.


Print status once publishing has finished.

import pyblish.api

def on_published(context):
  has_error = any(result["error"] is not None for result in["results"])
  print("Publishing %s" % ("finished" if has_error else "failed"))

pyblish.api.register_callback("published", on_published)

Print in the event of a user toggling an instance in a GUI.

import pyblish.api

def on_instance_toggled(instance, new_value, old_value):
  print("%s was toggled from %s to %s" % (instance, new_value, old_value))

pyblish.api.register_callback("instanceToggled", on_instance_toggled)
Fri Sep 07 2018 07:46:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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